About Behrad Health and Tourism Company

Behrad Health and Tourism Company with the registration number of 55362 has the license of tourism and health in the field of medicine and tourism from the University of Medical Science; Heritage, Handcraft and Tourism Organization; Health System Organization; and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This company is proud of beginning its international activity and using scientific potential of its experts and consultants, the capacities in the country, updated standards in the quality management system to maintain this system (Islamic Republic of Iran). This company tries to perform the following activities:

  • Professional and therapeutic consultations of intrinsic and extrinsic patients through direct meeting prior travelling, call, social networks, and internet.
  • Introduction and provision of all healthcare services, general and cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation, dentistry, and so on, in the best therapeutic centers in Mashhad city and the country with the best expert and suitable price.
  • Performing the necessary nursing affairs for intrinsic and extrinsic patients in the hotel, and pursuit of their treatment before surgeries and therapeutic measurements of extrinsic patients during their residence in Iran and after returning to their country.
  • Has the activity permission from Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization in terms of reservation of hotels in all country and world, holding internal and external tours with all travel services including visa, air travel, tour, and airport transfer and guide.
  • Issuing internal airline tickets from the Airplane Organization in the country and foreign countries including Iran Air, Iran Airtour, Aseman, Mahan, Zagros, ATA, Qeshm Air, Caspain, Turkish, Air Arabia, Qatari, Al Jazeera, Al Iraqi, Kuwait Air, Fly Dubai, Al Emarat and so on.
  • Issuing internal ticket of Raja Railway, Safir, Jopar and international railways
  • Registering pilgrims and dispatching pilgrimage convoys of Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization to religious rituals, Umrah pilgrimage, and prayer.
  • The license of issuing various visas including medical treatment visa and so on, and also getting entrance code from Ministry of Foreign Affairs  
  • Issuing the tickets of transportation organization and passenger terminals and selling tickets of VIP buses
  • Executive, designer, planer of exhibitions and international congresses and organizer of internal and external exhibitive, scientific and professional tours.